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Pro Football Hall Of Fame Debuts Tom Benson Hall Of Fame Stadium

The NFL season kicks off at 8 p.m. this evening when the Dallas Cowboys meet the Arizona Cardinals in the newly refurbished 23,000-seat Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium on the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s campus in Canton, Ohio for the annual Hall of Fame Game.

13 Game-Changing NFL Stadiums

Not every NFL stadium revolves around a Colin Kaepernick controversy. Most attract attention on their own merit. With 20 glistening, über sleek pro football venues modernizing cityscapes in the last 20 years, it’s time to take inventory—a stadium tour.

America’s abandoned factories in hot demand

Vacant commercial spaces are in high demand as both startups and multinationals look for facilities to house their U.S. operations. Several factors are driving this trend, according to Stuart Lichter, president of Industrial Reality Group, one of the largest owners of U.S. commercial real estate.

Pfizer campus buyer: Bring millennials to Pearl River

What will Pfizer’s sprawling campus look like under its new owner? The president and chairman of California-based Industrial Realty Group, which just bought 200 acres from the pharmaceutical giant, was in Pearl River on Tuesday to lay out the company’s vision for the 2 million square feet and dozens of buildings it now owns.

Pfizer sells 200 acres in Pearl River

Pfizer has sold about 200 acres of its property here to a real estate group that wants to create a campus that would mix science, technology, educational and retail businesses.

Rebirth of America’s dead factories

The past two decades have been brutal for American manufacturing as companies shifted production overseas and introduced high-tech systems that eliminated jobs. Many of these once-thriving hubs have been idle for years, but that’s starting to change. “Demand for closed factories has picked up since the recession,” said Stuart Lichter, president of Industrial Realty Group, […]