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American Development Center, LLC (“ADC”) is a premier EB-5 investment services company dedicated to providing early stage financial support in Targeted Employment Areas (“TEA”) for Industrial Realty Group (IRG).  IRG is a privately-held real estate development and investment firm specializing in the acquisition, development and management of commercial and industrial real estate across the country. IRG’s core competency is retrofitting otherwise obsolete buildings, corporate campuses, former military bases and industrial complexes. IRG boasts over 100 properties in 31 states, with over 100 million square feet under its ownership. IRG manages the real estate process, from acquisition through development, asset management, and disposition.

American Development Center Management

The founders of ADC, an IRG affiliated company, consist of experienced developers, seasoned investors and attorneys, most of whom are also the core personnel at IRG. They are the leading force in making the IRG portfolio one of the largest private holders of industrial and commercial real estate in the U.S. The ADC team, along with IRG, are together experts in the development of greenfield sites for retail and commercial uses. IRG has used EB-5 funds in the development of several highly successful projects.